Our Coffee

Farmer direct Carool Mountain Coffee is grown and produced by the Peacock Boys- brothers John and Gary.


  • The best coffees are of the species Arabica. At Carool Mountain Coffee, the Peacock Boys grow only 100% Australian Arabica coffee.
  • The ideal growing conditions found on our farm. The sub-tropical climate, north-facing aspect and elevation means a longer growing season, on frost-free land.
  • The bean offers a full, smooth bodied experience, with chocolate undertones. Our coffee is free of any bitterness, and is low in caffeine.
  • The rich volcanic soil and organic fertilisers gives our coffee its particular personality.
  • Carool Mountain Coffee is hand picked and sun dried, and graded to get a uniform bean for the smoothest possible roast.
  • Only the choicest, ripest coffee cherries are harvested from our farm.
  • Over 1700mm (70 inches) of rain per year make land fertile for our coffee.
  • Our coffee can trace its roots back to old Kenyan and Indian coffees.
  • We process, roast and grind all of our coffee beans from our farm. It never leaves the hands of the Peacock Boys and its farm workers.
  • Our coffee is roasted on site.
  • Our coffee is GM and pesticide free.


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